Author: Sibliss
Date: 06-04-2020 01:4
Updated: 06-05-2020 12:4

DOStest project

DOStest Project was the result of a need for quick and easy menu system to play old dos games using DOSBox.
this project was never intended to be public, however the amount of interest it has genereated has lead it's creator to release a public version on with several optional add-ons available containing dozens of games.
all games included in DOStest project are distributed freely(free of charge) and are all officially listed as shareware, freeware or abandonware. if you find a game that has since changed it's status please let us know via the contact form on our website.

The version of DOSbox contained in this distribution is original and 100% unmodifed as per it's use and distribution agreement.

This website gave me hints on how to make it portable.
NOTE:if you copy it to a thumb drive you will need to edit the drive letter at the front only of the shortcut link target and start in path(s) takes zero responsibility or liability for your use of this software, all releases are supplied as is and you use it at your own risk.
All releases are tested on windows 10 professional x64 before publication to the website.

The DOStest Project can be downloaded in its entirity 100% free of charge below. some add-ons are only available to members at this time however both the add-ons and site membership are 100% free

base program download HERE (Via



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